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Learning European History through Drama: Seven European schools from Bulgaria,the United Ki...

Learning European History through Drama: Seven European schools from Bulgaria,the United Ki...: Seven European schools from Bulgaria,the United  Kingdom , Italy, Spain, Estonia,  Portugal  and the Czech Republic  worked together in Com...

Seven European schools from Bulgaria,the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Portugal and the Czech Republic  worked together in Comenius and eTwinning projects to discover European history through the use of Drama. 
Every school presented 7 national great historical figures, one local national historical event and 2 national historical events with influence to the entire European history.During the seven meetings the partners performed on the stage different national figures assigned between the partners.Seven  plays dedicated to seven local historical events from the partners regions were created and  performed on the stage by international team of the students from the participatung schools. Then 2 movies about 2 national historical events with influence to the entire European history were created by every partner school.Every participating institution created Video guide  for one of the partners regions assigned between the partners.The dictionary with 100 words for daily talks was created and used during the meetings and Skype meetings to advertise the language variety in Europe. All project results are in English language

During the meetings in every participating school an international team of students performed on the stage the play  created by the host school and dedicated to the local historical event from the host region.
To learn more about  different partners local events and the project international plays  click on the photo:                                                 


                  Culture Video Guide (click)

Every partner had a task to create a Video Culture Guide  about one of the partner`s region.

There was an assignment of the partners region  

between the partners.During the meetings every

partner recorded with video camera a Culture Guide 

about the assigned partner region.

To watch the  different Video Culture

 Guides created by the partners  click on

the photo: 

 EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT ( click to evaluate) 

Fraser Shields, England After a great  project, none of us wanted it to end, there has only been smiles from everyone.
Shay Brock-Carey, England: Saying goodbye to everyone was possibly the hardest thing I have done in ages. But, at the same time it was amazing to know that I have been part of such a brilliant project! The memories will stay forever! Thank you for everything!!
                                                           :) :) :)

Aleksandra Drumeva, Bulgaria: Every country had to present a short play. Everybody had to present a personality of a foreign country. Not only do we this for fun but also we get to know each others’ history, which is the main point of the project.I think this project helped me to become more talkative and social, I learned many new things and most importantly – I found out that all of us,the Europeans,have common roots, we are not so different from each other after all .

Barbara Rose Harrington, EnglandI hate goodbyes but I have to say it's been amazing meeting-new people and also reuniting with others. I have had the best week ever and all the late nights have been worth it. I love and will miss everyone on this project to England. I and a couple of friends will be going around on a tour to all the countries very soon

Diogo Alves, PortugalThank you everyone who made my life better this year, hope you have a happy new year! And to those that I don't know I hope you have a happy new year too with amazing memories like the ones that I have from this year thanks to Comenius
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